Who tetsuya is

tetsuya (formerly known as “tetsu”) is the bassist and leader of the famous band L’Arc~en~Ciel. He started playing bass quite late. After high school he didn’t attend university and started to do various job while playing. Finally in 1991 he formed L’Arc~en~Ciel, a band that in a short time will become one of the most famous band of Japan.
After 10 years dedicated to the band, in 2001 he started his solo career, when L’Arc~en~Ciel stopped temporarily their activities.
He showed up with the name TETSU69 (capitalized. In Laruku he is “tetsuya” in lowercase) and he said many times the number 69 was only his date of birth (3rd October 1969). He also created his own label called SPROUSE (the SPROUSE site is offline since about a couple of years).
His debut was on 18th July 2001, with a single including two songs, “wonderful world” and “TIGHTROPE”. Then, for more than a year, we hadn’t anything new. We had to wait untill 28th August 2002, when he presented his new work: it’s the “shinkirou” single, released only in a limited edition of 100.000 copies and with a t-shirt (orange or green figure). With the new single, TETSU69 changed his label: the first single was published by Ki/oon Records, while this one was published by Dream Machine (Warner Music).
After a few months, exactly on 23rd October, his third single “15 1/2 Fifteen Half” came out. Also this one was released in a limited edition of 100.000 copies and with a figurine designed by TETSU69: his name was TEZMAN. To this character, TETSU69 dedicated also a song included in the single and called “TEZMAN no theme” (all in English). Finally on 20th November 2002, TETSU69 published his first album, “Suite November”.
Following his debut album, tv showed two specials about TETSU69:”RUBICON” and a MTV special, dedicated to the making of the album.
At the end of 2002, TETSU69 held a concert called “Christmas Night Sweet December”.
On 13th February 2003 came out a new single with the song “WHITE OUT ~memory of a color~”, a new version of the song “WHITE OUT” of the album. Also this single had a little surprise: a baked pendant.
At the end of the year TETSU69 participated to the Danger Crue event. Meanwhile, L’Arc~en~Ciel restarted the activities and the only TETSU69 stuff was the 2004 calendar.
On 19th March 2004 a book called “tetsugaku” was published with some pics and 69 really interesting  interviews. We had to wait again almost a year for more TETSU69: in December 2004 he participated again to Danger Crue event and on 16th March 2005 we could listen to his new song “REVERSE”. This song was published in the album “Love for NANA”, a tribute of various artists to the manga “NANA”.
Then, once again, TETSU69 became silent.
Meanwhile he’s is busy again as leader and bassist of L’Arc~en~Ciel. Officially they come back in 2003 with the SHIBUYA SEVEN DAYS when they announced a new album, “SMILE”, which was released in 2004. Immediately in June 2005, they released a new album, “AWAKE”.
On 25th December 2005 tetsuya showed up at Danger IV with a new band: Creature Creature. The formation was:
Vocal: Morrie (ex DEAD END)
Bass: tetsuya
Guitar: Minoru (ex MAD CAPSULE MARKETS)
Morrie was the vocalist of DEAD END, the band tetsuya loved when he was young. Creature Creature released 3 singles on 19th July 2006 and an album on 30th August.
The 2006 is also the year of celebrations for L’Arc~en~Ciel’s 15th anniversary: a special box, re-releases of 15 singles and two albums, the opening of L’Arcafe for a limited period (tetsuya also went there at the beginning of August) and two concerts in TOKYO DOME on 25th and 26th November. During the last date, the band announced a new single and a three-month tour in 2007.
Plus, tetsuya started again his solo work, simply with the name “tetsu”. At the end of November 2006 he opened his new site and announced a new single for Spring 2007. The song was used as theme of the program “SUPER SOCCER PLUS” starting on January 2007 and performed at DANGER V.
On 14th March 2007 the single “Can’t stop believing” was in store in two edition: CD only and CD+DVD.
The most part of 2007 was dedicated to L’Arc~en~Ciel: a three-month tour in summer, a new album and another tour at the end of the year.
At the end of 2007 tetsuya married Ayana Sakai.
In 2008 the band held its first concert in Europe, on May 9th in Paris.
On December 2009 he changed his artist name in “tetsuya” for L’Arc~en~Ciel and “TETSUYA” for his solo work. Also the band announced a new single for January 2010, “BLESS”.
During an interview he explained he changed his name in the memory of Takuya Kondo, the blond-haired staff member who died in a motorcycle accident in November 2009, adding the “ya” to his name. He explained he doesn’t want him to be forgotten and as long as he’s a part of his name, he’ll be a part of L’Arc~en~Ciel too (the whole interview can be read here, translated by Nanani).
At the end of February 2010 TETSUYA announced the release of his new single “Roulette” scheduled for May 19th; the single will be also the opening of the anime “HEROMAN”. At the same time he announced his first live tour starting in July.
He released two additional singles, “LOOKING FOR LIGHT” and “lonely girl” and finally, after 9 years, his second solo album “COME ON!”. In 2010 he started the tour “FIRST TOUR 2010 Roulette o mawase” and released his first live DVD.  In 2011 he was again on stage with a mini tour called “COME ON! FEEL THE LIGHT!”.
Meanwhile L’Arc~en~Ciel celebrated the 20th anniversary and in 2012 they had their first world tour , performing even at the Madison Square Garden in New York. The celebrations were accompanied by several release, including the new album “BUTTERFLY” and a tribute album.
As TETSUYA, he performed at LIQUIDROOM Ebisu for the 20 years of Ki/oon Records and released a new DVD with a selection of performances from different lives he held between 2010 and 2012.
In December 2012, after almost 8 years, he released “Tetsugaku 2”. As the first one, the book contained photos and interviews on different topics.
In March 2013 L’Arc~en~Ciel released the final live of their world tour in DVD and, for the first time, in Blu-ray.