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TETSUYA POP☆SECRET VOL.2 to be broadcast on Nico Nico

Two days of the upcoming TETSUYA POP☆SECRET VOL.2, which will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, from June 22 to June 26, will be broadcast on Nico Nico. Here are the links with the details. Day 1:

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New photos of TETSUYA from V.I.P Press interview

V.I.P Press published today an interview with TETSUYA (in Japanese) about his solo career. The interview also has some new -very big- photos. Since the server scaled them down, here are the links...

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CÉLUXE NIGHT goods now available for pre-order on HMV

The goods for TETSUYA’s upcoming fan club event CÉLUXE NIGHT are now available for pre-order on HMV! Navy T-shirt (¥4,000)   S:ネイビー-ポケットtシャツ-Tetsuya-Celuxe-Night_7026407 M:ネイビー-ポケットtシャツ-Tetsuya-Celuxe-Night_7026408 White T-Shirt (¥4,000) S:ホワイト-ポケットtシャツ-Tetsuya-Celuxe-Night_7026409 M:ホワイト-ポケットtシャツ-Tetsuya-Celuxe-Night_7026410 Parka (¥8,800) M:パーカー-Tetsuya-Celuxe-Night_7026411...