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Excite Music comment

TETSUYA left a message on Excite Music website for the release of lonely girl. Watch: Download:

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Gocha Maze! 11.07

Gocha Maze! had a very HUGE delay today, so even if I scheduled a 3 hours recording, I missed about the last 30 seconds of the show. Anyway here it is, enjoy. Mp3: Gocha Maze!...

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Pakkun Tamago 11.05

After weeks finally TETSUYA is back! Enjoy! Mp3: Pakkun Tamago 2010.11.05.mp3 Translation:


Hurry Xmas 2010 cover and tracklist

The cover and contents of Hurry Xmas 2010 are out. “Hurry Xmas” 2010.11.24 Release Ki/oon Records KSCL 1681-1682 ¥1,985(tax incl.) 【Limited Production Package】 CD+DVD, Special Newly-taken Photo Card and Waku Waku Ornament included Disc1...

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Pakkun Tamago? No

TETSUYA isn’t back. It seems he was recording something. I don’t know if Pakkun Tamago and Gocha Maze! are recorded on the same day, but if TETSUYA is busy, maybe he won’t be at...

2010.10.25 – Goods

2010.10.25 – Goods

(Picture of a logo – or set of logos? – including the TETSUYA emblem and a Pop★Secret mark with MUKIMPO and a flag) I’m making a bunch of souvenir goods for Hawaii! Look forward...